Why can’t I do the same thing every workout?
The way exercise works is you do an activity that the body is not use to, the exercise breaks down tissue so your body can rebuild them stronger. This is known as adaptation and you need a new stimulus to create another adaptation.
At the supermarket I see they have supplements at a much cheaper price, why should I spend more money on supplements?
The truth is not all supplements are created equal. It has to do with how they are made, the sources of the ingredients, and how they are delivered into the body. Most store bought cheaper supplements use synthetic vitamins, fillers, and/or not the best produce or animal sources. Supplements are not regulated by the FDA either.
What’s the benefit of working with a personal trainer more often?
The more often you meet the more micro adjustments can be made to your program. Meaning you will get faster results and if accountability is a limiting factor for you it keeps you on track.
With online training and the coaching calls what’s the benefit to having a coaching call more than once a month?
Just like with one on one training the more often you meet the more micro adjustments can be made. Talking about behavior change and how they relate to your goals. Sometimes a weekly habit just doesn’t work for someone and needs to be adjusted.
If I am already training what’s the benefit of doing additional nutrition sessions?
Although nutrition can be covered in exercise sessions it’s hard to contain and relate both nutrition and exercise information all at once. Think of it this way, you just did 3 sets of 15 push ups and now we are going to talk about what you ate for the last 5 days while you rest for 90 seconds and then we do 3 sets of 15 squats. You’re trying to catch your breath and that should take most of your attention.